Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Grill Pan 22CM with Iron Cover by SORI YANAGI, Made in Japan

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Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Grill Pan 22CM with Iron Cover.

Designed in 1999 by Sori Yanagi, the Nambu cast iron grill pan are made to last. The grill line with longevity in mind. They are thick and absorb heat evenly which make them perfect for soups, sauces and stews. The curved edges allows for easier pouring. Season pot properly and only hand-wash. These pots are made to be passed from one family generation to another.

2011 recipient of Japan's Good Design Award.

Enjoy quality professional high flame frying for a quick spread of heat for excellent grilling.

This is a popular range of grill pan loved by Japanese because heat will spread evenly especially when iron cover is on for perfect cooking.

As a top Japan quality pan, it is also a good gift to mothers and housewives for their cooking pleasure. Product comes in a box.

Material - Iron pan

Size (about) W330xD250

Capacity Full 0.75L

Weight approximately 3.6kg

Made in Japan. Import from Japan.

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