Kokuyo 28-Corner Eraser (Precision Erasing Every Time)

Kokuyo 28-Corner Eraser (Precision Erasing Every Time)

  • $2.90

Precision Erasing Every Time.

The corners of erasers are very convenient when you need to erase small areas of writing. But an ordinary eraser only has eight corners, and when all eight corners have become rounded, it's no longer as easy to use. Many people must have wished at some time for a more functional eraser.

Kokuyo, a supplier of stationery, has been holding the Kokuyo Design Award every year since 2002. It invites the public to submit ideas for products that incorporate the concept of universal design, or designs that are easy for everyone to use. The Kadokeshi was one of the winners of the award in its first year.

If an eraser of this innovative design were made with the same soft material as most erasers, it would be likely to tear apart during use. So the manufacturer adjusted the amounts of the chemical substances that are mixed together to make the eraser, resulting in a harder material than the average eraser.

Most suitable for professional adults who do detailed work with pencils, such as technical or design drawings.

Import from Japan.

Made in Japan.