Enethan Support Pillow (for legs) - Pink

  • $96.80

Material : 100% cotton

Size L50cm x W35cm x H5 - 10cm  

Comes in a product box.

Enethan material is a material with excellent deodorizing power, antibacterial power, mite resistance, breathable and durable. It is a support pillow made considering a comfortable height.

For ladies to rest their legs when resting. Swelling and sagging of the leg are caused by "blood stagnation" due to the same posture for a long time. In order to return the blood flow to normal, it is effective if you put your legs up and sleep. When lying down, it is recommended to raise your legs slightly higher than the heart. This support pillow will be able to do so.

Material characteristics
①Deodorizing power It breaks up sweat and smell.
②Antibacterial activity Bacteria are hard to increase.
③Mite control power Prevent the growth of mites.
④Breathable Breathes very well
⑤Durability is very good.

Made in Japan.