About Us

@ HodoHodo!
~ 日本の現代生活雑貨店 ~


Our appreciation of things and crafts, love for quality design and beauty.

We are a modern general store for HodoHoders who appreciate modern lifestyle products, Japan stationery, home & living products and gift ideas; mostly made in Japan/ imported from Japan. Our team aims to provide an alternative discerning online shopping for HodoHoders.

We offer wholesale prices for selective products which may be extended to consumers. We are currently working on growing the list longer. Such products typically have to be purchased in larger quantities.

We work with suppliers in Japan to introduce their products on our shopping platform. Most of our products are imported directly from Japan. To create a variety of shopping experiences, we also stock interesting lifestyle products from local or overseas suppliers in countries other than Japan.

At HodoHodo, we deliver inspiring shopping therapy where you sit back and relax to create affordable happy moments for yourself or your loved ones all at the convenience of your finger tips, anytime, anywhere.