Hadabisei Face Mask (Brightening) - 1 Box (5 Sheets)

Hadabisei Face Mask (Brightening) - 1 Box (5 Sheets)

  • $9.90

● Easy-to-use sheet masks for special treatment of different skin problems
● Selection of “serum x sheets” optimized for treating different skin problems
● For instantly bright, well-moisturized, clear skin*1. Filled with medicated serum that has an intensive  brightening effect*2 + moisturizing care
● Contains Hadabisei's original skin conditioning mixture for beautiful skin texture: apple extract,  Coix seed extract, pearl extract*3, and peony extract (skin conditioning agents). Deals with skin problems to provide finely-textured skin.
● Contains CHD*4, an agent that enhances penetration. Improves penetration of the stratum corneum.
● Contains a vitamin C derivative, a brightening active agent; lemon extract, an agent that softens the stratum corneum; and hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing agent.
● Filled with serum (20mL)
● Sheets made with 100%  natural cotton
● colorant free
● Allergy-tested*5

*1: A result of the moisturizing effect
*2: Inhibits melanin production and prevents skin discoloration and freckles from forming
*3: Hydrolyzed conchiolin liquid
*4: bis-ethoxydiglycol cyclohexane dicarboxylate
*5: May still cause allergies for some people

Contains 5 pieces

Made in Japan.