Gift Hamper of Premium Japanese Stationery

  • $88.50

Perfect as a gift for someone who loves Japanese stationery. Comes in a rectangle brown straw box with a hinged cover.

  • KOKUYO Twin Ring Notebook with Pocket Holder Semi-B5 (Pink & Blue 1 each)

Size : W252 X H183 X D8mm
Type : Semi-B5
Number of sheets : 40 sheets/ Lines on each page
Color : Pink & Blue

  • KOKUYO x 2 soft ring note books, A5 size (210 x 148mm), 25 lines, 80 sheets, hard cover with HodoHodo! sticker. Excellent for comfortable writing when you place your hand on the soft ring.
  • KAMOI Wamon washi adhesive tape, a set of 6 washi tapes with traditional Japanese patterns
Dimensions : Width 15 mm,   Length : 10 m.
Set packed in an elegant box : 60 mm x 105 mm x 60 mm
  • PAPERABLE 1 Packet of 1 Clock Face Sticky Note & 1 Hanokami - Blushing Faces Sticky Note
    1 Packet consists of the following :
    1 x Blushing Faces Sticky Note
    Package size: W85 x H110 x D3 mm
    Size of each memo note : 
    W33 x H50 x D2 mm
    W35 x H34 x D2 mm
    W34 x H40 x D2 mm
    1 x Clock Face Sticky Note
    Package size: W93 × H115 × D5 mm
    Product size : W65 × H65 × D3 mm
    Contents: 31 sheets per sticky note pad
    Color : White 
    • PAPERABLE Japan Stationery : Oshiri Writing Cards - Hamster, Cute Kitten, Hedge Dog

    Write on the cute card and insert it into a matching envelope.

    Attach it to your gift or simply give it to your loved ones.

    Package size: W70 × H93 × D1 mm, contains
    3 cards (1 hamster, 1 kitten, 1 hedge dog) with a matching envelope each.

    Made In Japan