Frying pan 24cm/ 30cm 匠 TAKUMI JAPAN magma plate made in Japan - Fast Cooking!

  • $89.50

"Takumi" is a quality iron cookware made in Japan using "magma plate". This range of iron frying pan is designed by Mr Sori Yanagi, a designer who believes in designing cookware for easy usage.

Enjoy quality professional high flame frying for a quick spread of heat for excellent frying of Asian food. It takes 39 seconds to reach a temperature of 200 degree, excellent for fast cooking and keeping nutrients in food intact.

The two spill-free pouring spouts by the side of the pan are added features for easy serving, especially for Chinese dishes with gravy. 

This is a popular range of frying pan loved by many housewives in Japan because the right size at 24cm/30cm means a good serving for a small family.

As a top Japan quality pan, it is also a good gift to mothers and housewives for their cooking pleasure. Product comes in a box.

Designed in a bowl shape, you can turn and toss without getting any mess of fallen ingredients.

Material - Iron pan, wooden handle.

Size (about) Ø 240 x L444 

Size (about) Ø 300 x L495

Weight (about) approximately 1.11 kg for easy handling

Made in Japan.

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