Japan TAKUMI 匠 Iron Frying Pan 30cm - Best Selling!

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Fast Cooking . Natural Non-stick cooking . For Preparation of Delicious and Healthy Meals

TAKUMI 匠 Iron Frying Pan 30cm is a high quality iron pan made in Japan and imported directly from Japan.

Suitable for use on gas stove and on induction cooking plates for modern households.

The specially crafted fine body texture is the manufacturer's secret to quick spread of heat which reduces burns, intelligently reduces full contact of food with the body surface of the pan and hence prevents sticking of food and therefore promotes the use of less oil. 

It takes 39 seconds to reach a temperature of 200 degree, excellent for fast cooking and keeping nutrients in food intact. In fact, in 20 seconds, you are ready to cook at 100 degree where the heat is readily spreading into the centre of your ingredients.


The two spill-free pouring spouts by the side of the pan are added features for easy serving, especially for Chinese dishes with gravy. Due to its superior light weight of 1kg for an iron cooking pan, it is easy to operate using one hand to toss and turn as you stir and cook the ingredients inside the cooking pan. Accordingly, a new cook who is learning stir fry cooking will find the iron pan an excellent starter kit. 

With its sufficiently flat base, the 30cm Takumi 匠 Iron Frying Pan is also highly recommended for steaks, hamburgers, fried fish (with a crispy surface), therefore providing a fast and hot-crispy cooking for similar dishes.

At 30cm width, this pan is also of an excellent choice for you to cook meals for a family of 4 or less. 

Designed in a bowl shape, you can turn and toss without getting any mess of fallen ingredients.

As a top Japan quality pan, it is also a good gift to mothers and housewives for their cooking pleasure. Product comes in a box.

Material - Iron pan, wooden handle.

Size (about) Ø 300 x L495

Weight (about) approximately 1.11 kg for easy handling.

Made in Japan.

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